Monday, August 22, 2016

The Army Corps has responded to the FDEP’s second request for additional information (RAI #2).

There are numerous problems with the response to RAI#2.  For example, they do not have permission to use the County’s Ted Sperling parking lot for a staging area and they have not produced an Environmental Impact Statement which is in violation of NEPA’s rules. The FDEP has 30 days to either accept the response or request additional information which would become RAI #3.  If FDEP accept the answers they have up to 60 days to issue the Intent to Permit.

Our Giving Challenge starts next month at noon on September 20th and runs for a 24 hour period.  Every donation up to $100 will be doubled by the Community Foundation and the Patterson Foundation.

Please mark September 20th on your calendar. We will send a Newsletter shortly before the Giving Challenge begins reminding you of this and providing the participation details. We need to raise thousands of dollars to sustain our lawsuit and this is a perfect way to do it. More next month when you will have a chance to be the one that makes a difference by contributing to the Giving Challenge!

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