Monday, February 20, 2017

SOSS2 has had a singular focus since our founding.

Our mission statement is to ensure no harm comes to our environment including Siesta Key beaches, waterfront property and navigation in Big Pass as well as the diverse ecology of the area. And once we defeat this current proposal with your help, any unspent funds will be held in perpetuity to defeat any subsequent attempt to harm our environment by dredging the Big Pass shoal.

Mr. Barwin, Sarasota’s City Administrator,  has been telling the media that we will not talk to him. We have been talking to Mr. Barwin and/or his staff since early 2013. The meetings became more frequent in 2015 and 2016. While our reasons are different, one area that we agree upon is the need for a Plan B that does not involve taking sand from the Big Pass shoal - a plan similar to the previous thirteen renourishments of Lido Key Beach.

We have made excellent progress building our war chest due to our many donors who understand the existential threat to Siesta Key by dredging Big Pass shoal. If you have not donated recently, please do so as we are still about $85,000-100,000 short of what we will need to call a full range of witnesses and have sufficient expert testimony. Please contribute your share as some people on limited retirement incomes have extended themselves to their very limits to stop this dredge. We can win, but funds are needed now as our lawyers detail their final plans.

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