Saturday, June 24, 2017

Do Not Stick Your Head In The Sand

The New Pass shoaling less than a year after being dredged is the final proof of the futility of dredging Big Pass. Not only will this dredge imperil the Siesta Key shorelines and beaches, it will remove Sarasota’s only access to the Gulf waters. Whether you are a boater, property owner or visitor there is nothing good in store for you if this Big Pass dredge occurs.


We can stop the ACOE and the City from moving forward with this disastrous plan at the August hearing where we must prevail.  We need all the support you can provide. You may have already given generously or perhaps you have been waiting for others to donate in the hope that you will not have to do so. If the final permit is granted, it will be too late.


Please donate now.  

P.S. Insure we do not lose what we have - please help now as every donation counts

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